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"A Love Poem" -- by Heys Stuart Wolfenden

I see your face in the rising sun,

In the splendour of the sickled moon,

In cloudy skies when all is glum,

And in the evening a deep maroon.

I hear your voice at morning call

In the loud murmurings of the hen,

So how can I get you withal

When eyeing the peacock's diadem?

I see you smile when starlings natter,

And all forlorn when foxes die,

Lighting up as raindrops spatter,

Showering the fields of oat and rye.

You are the flowers, the trees on Earth,

The stars and comets are brethren,

Spreading happy tidings of mirth,

You are everywhere, even in Heaven.

"A Wedding Poem" -- by Heys Stuart Wolfenden

Whats better than two lovers getting married?

When those two lovers are friends,

And may Life's lithe waters, strong and rapid,

Take you to where the river bends,

To where despair ends and laughter begins:

Where death can no longer destroy-

Where Stars stretch wide their solar grins

In an everlasting universe of joy.

What's better than two lovers getting married?

When the marriage it lasts forever,

When a chance once taken is never parried,

And a couple so in lover remain together,

When even in death it remains as valid:

Two spirits strengtened by Love's endeavour.

"A Love Poem" -- by Heys Stuart Wolfenden

It's funny how the howling storm

Can be pierced by an orient ray,

Shining down to browse the corn

And enlighten the rain-soaked day:

And that is what you are to me-

A ray of sunshine from the East,

A glowing light to ease and free,

A gift from Heaven, newly leased.

If I was lost in a vale of sadness,

Then you would be bringing joy,

Keeping my spirit elate with gladness,

Ensuring that no tears destroy;

And so I cannot help but think of you

Since the day you made me smile.

Each hour - each minute - I muse on you,

And dream and dream all the while.

"A Rose For You" -- by Alexandra

I would give a rose to you,

one kissed by sun and morning dew,

to show you what you mean to me

and how your love has set me free.

I would give a rose of red

to show you how my heart has bled

with ruby drops of pain and then,

with drops of love I found again.

A yellow rose I'd give to you

to show you how my dreams came true,

dreams worth more than all the gold

that treasure chests could ever hold.

A rose of white, like pale moonlight,

the way your love lights up the night

then paints the day with purest bliss,

I'd give to you and then, a kiss.

The rose of pink I'd save 'til last.

It's fragrance wipes away the past

and writes anew upon the slate.

Your love for me was meant by fate.

Yes, I would give a rose to you

to show you that my love is true.

To show you that my love will stay,

I'd give to you the whole bouquet!

Untitled -- by Brianna

As my heart beats,

Every second I leap,

With grace and love.

As the stars shine above,

I render my kiss to you,

Because I love you

And you love me to.

Untitled -- by Katie

L-stands for love.

O-stands for overly happy.

V-stands for Valentine.

E-stands for the word evercaring.

Untitled -- by Vicki

The earth may crumble.

The sea may dry.

Bears will hug and birds will cry.

But through the sorrow and the fear,

You are the one that will always be NEAR.

"Fairy Tale Love" -- by Debbie

Is there such a thing as true and lasting love?

Or the fairy tale happiness you've been dreaming of?

Will someone ever love you in a deep and caring way?

Be by your side and cherish you, come whatever may?

You want to be valued, loved, and adored

And give all the love your heart can afford

Sometimes you feel afraid to open up your heart

Sometimes you try to fight love's exciting start

Will you ever feel that closeness? that oneness you desire?

That natural, cozy feeling of life and love entire

You crave the love that gives your heart a never ending smile

That makes life's pain and heartache suddenly worthwhile

You long for the love that helps you to be a better you

That puts a sparkle in your eyes, excites you through and through

You feel your heart yearning, aching for something more

A love so deep and sincere is what you're hoping for

Sweet nothings, tender words, close emotional touch

This love you build and strengthen; this love you need so much

You want a love that's playful... fun and makes you laugh

The kind that gives you comfort... like a special photograph

Your true selves is what this love allows you both to be

Feeling safe, secure, and happy.... confident, carefree

Acceptance, assurance, forgiveness, and trust

Passion and romance always a must

Honesty, tenderness, encouragement too

Showing respect in all that you do

Your feelings, thoughts, desires, and goals

Become a treasured part of the partner you chose

What about the struggles, heartache, pain and tears?

Problems, disappointments, challenges and fears?

Does this love have the strength and commitment enough

To overcome these trials when marriage and life gets tough?

You feel it a privilege to love, an honor to know

That you'll be together as you live, love and grow

You must risk your tender heart, take a hopeful stance

You can't find that perfect love if you do not take the chance

So trust your heart and hope for love's true lasting light

Forsake your pride, forget the past, and feel with all your might

You know this love can be; You see it clearly in your mind

There is no doubt, this fairy tale, someday soon you'll find.

"Ribbon of Spirit" -- by Keith

Coils of connection.

Links of spirit that defy distance.

Thought unfettered by obstacles of language.

Contact of this kind continues through silences.

Touch is as much mental as physical.

An embrace can span the miles.

I am holding you in love.

Touching your cherished face.

Please join me in this ribbon of spirit.

"The Knowing" -- by Kathleen

Piece by piece

You peel away

The calloused layers of emotion,

Which I have built up over the years.

Slowly, gently

You remove the masks

Which hide me from the world,

Exposing me to the light,

Forcing me to trust you.

One by one

I drop the screens

I hold before my mind.

Until finally I stand before you

In naked truth,

And still you do not turn away.

This, then, is love.

"Seeking A Prince" -- by Janet Armitstead

We were taught that Cinderella's prince

Was good and true.

But did he not adore her

Simply for her golden shoe?

Snow White, preserved in fairest state,

Did catch the noble eye.

But, oh, to find the truest love...

Must one have to die?!

Rapunzel's prince was dashing, daring,

Dear in every manner.

But of all the times he climbed her hair,

He ne'er thought of a ladder!

Would we all were slumb'ring beauties,

Peacefully asleep,

Dreaming of the princes fair who

Briared-walls o'erleap.

And when they find us

All serene, and wake us

With a kiss,

The kiss thus made must never fade,

But bring us

Right love's bliss.

Untitled -- by Gerri

va voom baby va voom !

in my heart there will always be plenty of room

va voom baby va voom!

i need to know

can i be your groom?

va voom baby va voom!

if not i'm doom

for your love makes me go

va voom baby va voom! ! !

Very Special Valentine -- by Michael E. McNabb

Be my very special Valentine.

So I can win your heart as you've won mine.

And then throughout the rest of time.

You will always be my Valentine.

Untitled -- by Robert S. Swanson

With all of my Love, and all of my heart

From February 14th till death do us part

I swear to Love, Respect, and Treat you

With a passion that never dissipates or leaves you

With any kind of thought that you aren't special

Because your the only person in my life that is on my level

Who complements me perfectly in every single sense

Who can put me in a good mood when life gets tense

I'm sure through the next few years we will have our trials

But with a Love like ours we will go the extra miles

And finish our journeys united at one path

Even if the years left ahead require a little math

Baby I Love you so much, I can just lose control

Your eyes, your smile, your sweetness as a whole

You are the center of my life, my soul-mate for sure

Sometimes I question the reality of a Love this pure

So please accept this poem as a promise from my heart

That on this Valentines day we will never grow apart

As long as I have you in my heart and by my side

I will do everything to make you happy and provide

A meaningful relationship that will be well worth our time

Baby I know I'm not St. Valentine, but will you be mine!

Untitled -- by Maleia

When I met you,

I liked you,

When I liked you,

I kissed you,

When I kissed you,

I loved you,

And when I loved you,

I lost you.

Untitled -- by Tabitha

Love in any language

Straight from the heart

Pulls us all together

Never apart

And once we learn to speak it

All the world will hear

Love in any language

Fluently spoken here!

Untitled -- by Kiera

Soon it is Valentines Day,

Where people give flowers away,

Feelings from the heart,

Make me wish we won't part,

There's those three words I wish you would say!

My thoughts of you r endless

like the love i have for u

love forever blossoming

be it gay or even sullen.

They come to me like a whisper

in the night

soft kisses trace my lips

fingertips caress my skin

Happy Valentine's Day -- by Zazi

My thoughts of you are endless

like the love I have for you

love forever blossoming

be it gay or even sullen.

They come to me like a whisper

in the night

soft kisses trace my lips

fingertips caress my skin

Through the rustle of silk sheets

i hear the delicate whisper of my name

but the wind carries it above

up into my small and fragile heart

the gift of love-

that someday

you and i shall never be apart

You, that ray of light

that creeps into my dark world

will diminish those dark

and lonely nights

and replace them with brighter days

that shall never cease

just like the love i have for you

Because Someone Cares -- by Brian

I think of you

whenever I see

the birds outside

at play and free

and I smile.

They never ask

for the care you give.

But seeing them there

you'd know their joy

because someone cares.

Like those birds

who feel your love,

I too am happy

for the care you give.

And for the birds,

dependent on you,

and for myself

who loves you so

we thank you

for the care you give,

unselfish and so gentle,

because we know

someone who cares.

My True Love -- by Hanne Andersen

Your eyes made my soul tremble with love

Like the dance of the stars in the heavens above

I knew the moment we met it was true

It was a passionate love that I felt for you

I longed for you always when we were apart

And I knew what I felt deep in my heart

Time hasn't changed my hopes and desires

Finding you now has kindled the fires

I hope and I pray that we can be one

As is the moon with the setting sun

Shedding new light on each other's life

As we could do as Husband and Wife.

Untitled -- by Ian Upton

Roses are blue

Violets are blue

Only when I'm not with you

Untitled -- by Doug

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Boy am I ever stuck with you.

My Love -- by Anne Sundance

I just want you to know,

whatever is going to happen to you,

wherever your choices are going to lead your path, parts of me will always be with you

I love you so much, though I'd never kissed you I love you so much, though we barely had the time to talk

I love you for what you are,

for what you thought you will never be

I love you because I saw your soul

Though I'm desperate to touch you,

hold you in my arms,

I will let you go,

if it would tear you apart

Though I wished, I could be part of your life, I can hear your voice in my heart and mind

And If I had to leave you,

I will carry the blessing of knowing you with me on my way -

Untitled -- by Gabriel

Broken on the shore I lay

Pounded by relentless surf.

Hoping, praying soon you may

Find me on this wide blue Earth.

I call to you with all my might,

I wonder if perhaps you hear.

My searching eyes yearn for the sight

Of your true love drawing near.

I lay and wait, for without fail,

This broken, battered, empty soul

Once again on love will sail

When you are here and make me whole.

Perfect -- by Kristi

He is a light when I am alone in the dark. His Hand fits perfectly in mine.

He is a blanket when I am left out in the cold. His arms fit perfectly around me.

He brings a warmth that touches every part of my heart. His heart fits perfectly next to mine.

He is imperfect in the most perfect ways. He is the puzzle piece that fills my life perfectly. He has my care, my dreams, my love, and my heart.

I Turn To You -- by Nina

When i'm lost ,

you helped me find my way .

all the time ,

everyday .

I Turn to you

When i'm scared,

you're there to comfort me ,

to let me know that everything will be alright , everyday and every night .

I turn to you

you help me through thick and thin ,

to lose to win ,

to shelter me with your arms

to give me your heart

I Turn To You ......